Taylor RC 71SUPREME Raminator Engine Complete Kit With V2 In Cab exhaust


Taylor RC 71 Supreme Raminator Engine/Pipe Kit

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Complete ready to fit package for the PRIMAL RC RAMINATOR Monster Truck

This engine will transform the stock Raminator, MEGA Truck or GraveDigger into an absolute beast!

The package includes the following:

  • 71cc Billet Reed engine
  • 78mm 3-Shoe GO-PED CLUTCH SYSTEM
  • Fits straight onto the stock Ram Clutch bell housing and transmission for easy swap.
  • Oppama Japanese Ignition System
  • TAYLOR Reed System with 8 custom high tension carbon-fibre petals.
  • Walbro WJ71 Carb
  • RAM AIR Dual layer foam filter
  • Custom Throttle cable linkage bracket
  • Custom Billet RH and LH engine brackets to replace stock engine brackets.
  • The famous TAYLOR Official Hat

Fitment into the primal Raminator is fairly straightforward.

Once you have removed the stock engine and pipe, also remove the center top cross over link bar between the two side chassis plates.

While the stock engine is out, we highly recommend cutting out a section of the side chassis plate next to the pull starter so that

you can fit the engine (or even the stock engine) Without having to remove the pull starter or remove the side chassis plate itself.

(see photo above with section cut out around the pull starter).

Then the engine itself can drop in and bolt up with the supplied engine brackets (fitment shown in pics).

As mentioned above, if you cut your chassis it will drop in, if not, remove the pull start side chassis plate and then there is room to fit.

Fit all the engine mounting bolts supplied. Next you can hook up the throttle linkage cable onto the big bore WJ71 carb.

Simply remove the linkage cable hole from the stock carb by popping the bracket off and removing the E clip.

Then put this piece onto the Hole cut out in the WJ71 Carb arm as shown in photos.

Finally you can fit the cable to the supplied holder bracket and adjust to suit. (again see photos)

The last step is to fit the exhaust mounting bracket to the car ready to support the pipe.

(the main belly section of the pipe fits to the car AFTER the body has been fitted – slide in through the gap at back of the roll over bar and into place).

Then its as simple as two  retaining springs and the one nut on the rubber mount!

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Weight15 lbs
Dimensions20 × 10 × 10 in

Monster Truck

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