Taylor RC SUPREME 55 Dragster Engine/Titanium Pipe Kit for Primal RC Dragster


Taylor RC S 55 GT Primal RC Dragster Engine/Pipe Kit

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Taylor RC SUPREME 55 Primal RC Dragster Engine/Pipe Kit
Part number: PRRCHMAXS55

The Taylor RC 55 SUPREME is an extremely high performance Billet Reed RC Engine for customers with experience of two stroke tuning and care. This engine delivers an immense burst of power throughout the mid-top rpm range, once shes hooked up youll be able to set blistering times.

At Taylor RC (formerly RCMAX) we design and cast our own custom Big Bore RC Cylinders to stay ahead of the competition. Our Supreme Cylinder design has captured the imagination of the 1/5 scale community, being the most powerful Big Bore RC Cylinder on the market and all designed in house from real world testing.

This Complete 55 SUPREME Dragster engine package comes with everything you need to fit the billet reed engine into your car and get down the track! Hooks right up to the HD dragster clutch bell and carrier so you can make use of the full range of gearing and 2-speed options available.

The WJ71 carb will come preset on rich settings ready for bedding-in the engine while you get used to the massive increase in Horsepower and torque. Due to the oversize carb, the engine comes with a Yamadude linkage set for your convenience to connect it up to the servo.

55 Supreme Package Spec list:

  • 55cc Billet Reed Engine
  • Taylor RC Custom SUPREME Cylinder
  • Taylor RC Custom made lightweight full circle crankshaft.
  • Taylor RC TITANIUM Dragster Fitment Side Pipe.
  • RCMK High-rpm ignition system.
  • Taylor RC V Force Reed System with 8 custom high tension carbon-fibre petals.
  • MOD WJ71 Carb
  • Taylor RC Billet Pull Starter
  • Ram Air Dual layer Air Filter
  • Custom Primal Dragster LH Engine brace from 3mm stainless steel.
  • Custom Billet Rear engine bracket which replaces the stock mount.
  • The famous Taylor RC Official Hat
  • Spark plug spanner

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 20 × 10 in


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