Monster Truck Disclaimer

Our Monster Trucks require an advanced set of skills and are not intended for use by children or minors under the age of 18. The monster trucks are intended to be purchased and operated by competent, adult R/C users possessing qualified skills and experienced driving ability. The user of this vehicle should be practical, mature, intelligent, and display good sense.

Caution must be taken to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you. Our monster trucks are very large and capable of high speed and quick acceleration. Collisions of a critical nature (injury, death, severe property damage) can result if a monster truck is operated in a careless or unsafe manner. Always take great care to make sure all systems are working properly before operating. The user must be aware of their limits and abilities. Make certain to have adequate space where a monster truck can be run safely.

These products are sold by Primal RC with the understanding that the buyer accepts full responsibility for all actions associated with their use. The buyer assumes all liability with these products including any actions that occur due to a failure to follow safety and operating instructions resulting in unsafe or improper use or any action that violates pertinent laws or regulations. Primal RC, and all Primal RC dealers, will not be held accountable under any circumstances with the use of this product resulting in property damage, personal injury, or death. This includes any willful or unintentional damages that may arise out of the assembly or use of the product or its accessories. The user accepts all liability by the act of using and operating a monster truck and releases Primal RC, and all Primal RC dealers of any and all liability associated with its use. Primal RC requests that you do not use this product if you as a user do not accept liability of ownership.